Annual Report

April 20th, 2016

Report to the Community 2013 – 2014

In the face of the challenges that accompany a major societal shift, the ability to remain
focused, ingenious and resilient helps an organization survive and, indeed, thrive throughout
the transformation. If there is one lesson the Baptist Health organization took away from
the past year, it was the importance of focusing on our mission of providing exceptional
healthcare with resiliency and innovation. Our proactive response to the Affordable Care
Act has allowed Baptist Health to maintain its place among the country’s top healthcare
organizations — financially secure and well-positioned to weather change. Baptist Health
laid the groundwork for future growth and adaptation in an industry that is undergoing
significant transformation. Every level of our organization — from our hospitals and outpatient
facilities to our physician enterprises and corporate divisions — recognized that navigating
the shifting currents of healthcare would demand innovation, perseverance and vision. Every
department rose to the occasion, seeking ways to trim costs and enhance efficiency, while
remembering our mission of patient- and family-centered care. As in previous years, our
not-for-profit, faith-based mission was a beacon lighting our direction.

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