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International Clinical Trial Is First to Demonstrate Safety of Ablative Radiotherapy for Inoperable Pancreas Cancer

June 28, 2023

MIAMI, FL – June 22, 2023 – Miami Cancer Institute, a part of Baptist Health, has seen significant benefits of using ablative radiotherapy using the MRIdian guided radiation device to treat inoperable pancreatic cancer. As one of the highest accruing centers to the first-of-its-kind international phase II SMART trial, researchers at Miami Cancer Institute are hopeful these results are indicating safe and effective radiation, to eradicate pancreatic cancer overall.Dr. Chuong

The MRIdian enables high ablative radiation doses ― doses high enough to completely eradicate tumors ― to be precisely delivered in as few as one to five outpatient sessions. The same high-dose regimen delivered on traditional radiation devices using CT scans for targeting has previously been deemed unsafe in prior clinical trials and therefore lower non-ablative radiation dose is currently the standard of care for inoperable pancreas cancer, which improves safety but at the expense of treatment efficacy.

“The primary objective of the SMART trial was to demonstrate that delivering ablative radiation doses to inoperable pancreas cancer with MRIdian does not cause an unacceptably high rate of severe gastrointestinal (GI) side effects,” said co-principal investigator Michael Chuong, M.D., the lead physician for the MRI-guided radiation program and medical director of Miami Cancer Institute’s Department of Radiation Oncology. “We are thrilled that this was a positive trial and that no patient had severe GI toxicity definitely related to radiation therapy. Treatment was exceptionally well-tolerated, despite the high dose, which was made possible by the advanced features of MRIdian. It was also encouraging that patients themselves reported that radiation therapy did not negatively impact their quality of life despite the exceptionally high tumor dose.”

In 2018, Miami Cancer Institute was the second center in the U.S. to treat patients with the MRIdian Linac, the first FDA-approved MR-guided radiation therapy system. Since then, the Institute has become one of the most experienced centers treating inoperable pancreas cancer and other challenging cancers with this advanced device. In addition, the Institute has also become a leader in research aimed at defining novel clinical indications and best treatment techniques for MRIdian, influencing practice around the world. Lynn Cancer Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, part of Baptist Health, is also now treating cancer patients with the same MR-guided radiation therapy system.

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